Hiking the Midwest

Welcome to Hiking the Midwest!

Think the Midwest lacks in hiking and backpacking destinations? I thought so too, at first. 

Having trouble navigating the world of hiking and backpacking gear? I’ve been there. 

Don’t know how to find trails or what (if any permits are needed)? I’ve been there. 

Are you scared or nervous about spending the night in the wild alone or with others? I have definitely been there too. (Let’s be real.. I still sometimes am. Squirrels always sound like hungry bears at night).

Whether you’re an absolute beginner who has never hiked or you’ve got multiple thousands of miles under your belt, I’m here to help you level up your hiking and backpacking abilities. 

I write about 

*Hiking Locations including National and State Parks, Trails, and various lands

*Hiking and Backpacking Safety (I’m big on this)

*Hammock Camping- Including transitioning from a tent to hammock if you’re not sure it’s right for you

*Setbacks many encounter when attempting to hike or backpack, such as fears of sleeping in the wild, wildlife encounters, and not knowing what to bring along on your adventures. 

I’m Brittney and it goes without saying that I love the outdoors. My love for hiking actually started by accident when I was in college. Before that, I had been on trails and in various forests/woods but it was nothing like the adventures I’ve been on since college. 

A homework assignment in a photography class led me to a nature preserve close to my school, and that’s where I discovered all the beauty I was missing by hurrying through the woods as a pre-teen. Back then I thought “Indiana is so flat, there’s nothing to see here. Or even around here.” Man was I wrong.

Since I’ve started hiking and backpacking, around a decade ago, I’ve discovered many beautiful Midwest locations as well as locations across the nation.

My goal is to help you find hiking and backpacking destinations and increase your abilities so that you’re not just able to hike and backpack, but enjoy it to the fullest. Within my site you’ll find helpful information and location based posts, like my article on Hikes to See the Northern Lights in Michigan

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