Arkansas Hiking Trails with Waterfalls

Experience the wild beauty of Arkansas! From majestic mountains to captivating waterfalls, this enchanting Natural State has something for everyone. Whether you’re a novice hiker just starting out or an experienced adventurer looking for thrills in undiscovered trails you’ll find your inner explorer as you wander through some spectacular scenery and uncover Arkansas hiking trails with waterfalls along the way!

Updated: March 2024

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Triple Falls Arkansas

Often revered as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Ozarks, Triple falls, AKA Twin Falls, lives up to the hype. (This waterfall is officially named Twin Falls by a sign at Camp Orr). This is one of my top three Arkansas hiking trails with waterfalls.

Arkansas Hiking Trails with Waterfalls
The elusive third fall
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What makes this fall extra special is it has a sort of magic trick it likes to do. Two water sources feed the twin falls, a “wet weather stream” (A stream that only flows or runs as a direct result of rain), and a spring. You’ll most likely always be able to see the twin falls. But during the dreary, rainy times of year, you’ll be able to see the elusive 3rd fall.

AllTrails link for Triple Falls (see Note 1 below)

NOTE 1: The falls are open to the public, however Camp Orr is private property owned by the Boy Scouts. It’s off limits to the public aside from the parking lot at the trailhead to the falls.

NOTE 2: The road can be steep and tricky going down to Cap Orr. All wheel drive is recommended.

Indian Creek Trail

The Indian Creek Trail in Arkansas is one of the most popular trails in the state. The trail offers breathtaking views of the surrounding wilderness and wildlife that inhabit it along with majestic mountains in the distance. As you make your way along the path you will come across several waterfalls, including Eye of the Needle and Waterfall at AR Cave.

arkansas hikes with waterfalls indian creek trail
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No matter what time of year you visit Indian Creek Trail, you are sure to experience an unforgettable adventure full of natural wonders.

AllTrails link to Indian Creek to Eye of the Needle

Hemmed in Hollow Trail

Hemmed in by the gorgeousness of nature, there is no better place to take it all in than at Hemmed-in Hollow Falls. The 209 foot tall waterfall will leave your heart soaring sky high as you witness this incredible natural wonder up close and personal!

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The hike to see this waterfall is not only challenging but also breathtaking. Literally. You’ll encounter stairs and inclines so be prepared! The incline on the way out is the equivalent of climbing the stairs at the Empire State Building, about 1200 feet!

AllTrails link to Hemmed in Hollow Trail

Leatherwood Wilderness Waterfalls

Hiking the Leatherwood Wilderness in Arkansas is an incredible experience. The area contains 25,000 acres of natural beauty, with breathtaking views of Lake Ouachita and the surrounding mountains. There are also several scenic overlooks that provide stunning vistas of the area’s diverse landscape. Hikers will find a variety of terrain, including thick stands of pine, oak and hickory trees, waterfalls, and rugged rock formations.

All of the following waterfalls can be accessed from the same forest road in the Sylamore Ranger District of Ozark National Forest.

Arkansas Hiking Trails with Waterfalls, Steel Falls
Steel Falls
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  • Cougar Falls
  • China Falls
  • Little Glory Hole
  • Crosscut Falls
  • Steel Falls

Richland Creek Wilderness Waterfalls

The Richland Creek watershed is a treasure trove for waterfall lovers. More than 30 waterfalls have been catalogued in this area, and some are as tall as 78-feet high!

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To access 4 falls in close proximity to each other, start at the Richland Creek Welcome Center. From there, take a left onto AR 377 and within about a mile turn right onto Richland Creek Road. Take this road all the way to the bottom to its intersection with Falling Water Road.

From the intersection, if you head left, you’ll find a trailhead after crossing the creek (you can park on either side of the road here). The trailhead leads to 4 waterfalls, including Horse Tail Falls, Intersection Falls, Six Finger Falls, and Fuzzy Butt Falls.

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Fuzzy Butt Falls (AKA Box Canyon Falls)

Fuzzy Butt Falls? How in the world did that name come into fruition you ask? It’s a funny story…

A man named Tim Ernst, a big hiker, explorer, and documentarian of the area was checking out the area. Usually inserted himself into the photos he took of waterfalls to give them perspective. Well, he decided to take a photo with his full moon in all its midday glory. Well, the National Park Service, they’re sense of humor must not have been so great back then, because they labeled that photo obscene and blurred out Tim’s tush. And that’s the day Box Canyon Falls became known as Fuzzy Butt Falls.

Tim Ernst is an excellent trail guide writer and his Arkansas Waterfalls Guide Book is a must for anyone looking to locate and explore the states abundant falls. Or anyone trying to see that famous photo.

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Kings Bluff Loop Trail

Kings Bluff Loop Trail has the coolest rock formations and striking overlooks, which make it a perfect hike for those who want to get an up-close look at nature’s beauty. And if you’re lucky enough during your visit be able see the 114 foot tall King Bluff Falls as well!

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To find this trail, head to the Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area on Highway 16, you’ll find a parking lot and pit toilets there. The trail starts behind the toilets. At the trail split, which comes quickly, Take a right for the Kings Bluff Loop Trail. Eventually you’ll arrive at Kings Bluff Falls.

AllTrails link for Kings Bluff Loop Trail

Tanyard Creek Trail

An easy loop trail, just over 2 miles long. The large parking lot here will act as your trailhead.

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AllTrails link for Tanyard Creek Trail

Mirror Lake Trail

Fed by the waters of Blanchard Springs Caverns, a cave system near Mountain View. The feed water is 58 degrees. You’ll encounter a boardwalk, stone bridge, and pretty scenery along this 0.8mile trail.

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AllTrails link for Mirror Lake Trail

Falls Branch Trail

The hike to see Falls Creek Falls in Lake Catherine State Park is an easy one that begins at the main trailhead. (Also the trailhead for Horseshoe Mountain). You’ll follow the red blazes and head up part of Horseshoe Mountain.

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This trail is approximately 2 miles and begins near the campground. You’ll wander through pine and hardwood forest. Creek crossing happens several times. This is a highly popular trail so you’ll most likely see a lot of other people and dogs out and about.

AllTrails link to Falls Branch Trail

Cedar Falls Trail in Morrilton

One of the most photographed places in Arkansas. The fact that this place is so popular amongst photographers should tell you all about how amazing it really is!

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Cedar Falls Trail

The sound of water falling never gets old, and the 95 foot waterfall flowing down Cedar Creek Canyon is no exception. It’s one thing to gaze at this natural wonder from above but if you’re looking for a different perspective then definitely take some time to hike to Cedar Falls.

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It’s an adventure in itself to get there. You’ll hike deep into the canyon on the 2 mile Cedar Falls Trail, where you’ll have to traverse some giant boulders before reaching the falls.

AllTrails link to Cedar Falls Trail

Lost Valley Trail

With all the beauty Lost Valley Trail offers, it’s no wonder this is the most popular hike at Buffalo National River. This easy-moderate trail leaves the parking area and slowly winds up the box canyon. It’s not very steep. You don’t know it yet, but you’re being led to an 8-foot waterfall pouring through a hole in the rock. This is known as Natural Bridge. The trail continues to lead you up some stone steps, and to the beautiful Eden Falls. At 53 feet, Eden Falls thunders over the edge of the cliffs.

Arkansas Hiking Trails with Waterfalls eden falls
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AllTrails link to Lost Valley Trail

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Longpool Falls Trail

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To get to this easy 1 mile trail, head to Longpool Recreation Area and pay your fee if required. Last I checked, it was $3. Park in the large parking lot near Piney Creek. You’ll find the trailhead between campsites 9 and 14 on the A-B campground loop.

Following the trail, you’ll get to a creek bed with an ~8-foot waterfall. This is NOT Longpool Falls. You’re going to need to get passed these lower falls which requires a bit of scrambling on the rocks. Once you get up, Longpool Falls aren’t far down the trail, less than a couple hundred feet.

Longpool Falls is a spectacular sight to behold. The falls flows over a bluff edge and plummet 44 feet into large boulders below

AllTrails link to Longpool Trail

Falling Water Falls in Richmond

Not technically one of the Arkansas hiking trails with waterfalls, but this fall is still worth adding to the list.

Andy Atkinson
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The sound of running water and the sight of falling water fill your senses as you drive up to this little beauty. Located right on Falling Water Road, it’s easy for anyone to access– which means that there is no excuse not to see what all the fuss has been about! The falls spill into one big pool where families can enjoy swimming during warmer months.

No trail, easy road access to this one!

Even if you don’t live in Arkansas, these hikes are worth the trip. With beautiful scenery and interesting geological features, a hike to one of these waterfalls is an adventure you won’t want to miss. If you’re looking for an outdoor activity that will take your breath away, put one of these Arkansas hiking trails with waterfalls on your list.

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