Hiking Northern Indiana

Hiking northern Indiana can be a great way to explore its myriad of natural landscapes. Trail networks winding along vibrant lakes, towering tree-covered hills and wildflower-lined footpaths offer an unparalleled experience for outdoor lovers.

For those looking for a challenging experience, there are wooded ravines full of ridges, steep ascents and rough terrain, as well as remote trails offering miles of uninterrupted exploration for the more experienced hiker.

Hikers will also find all sorts of wildlife looking to share in their journey, from soaring raptors to scurrying chipmunks and more. Hiking in northern Indiana is a great way to get out into nature with family and friends while exploring some of the region’s most picturesque scenery.

It truly provides a rewarding challenge that anyone can enjoy!

hiking northern indiana

UPDATED 11/2022

Northern Indiana Hiking Trails

Ouabache State Park, Bluffton, IN

hiking northern indiana

Pronounced “Wabash” .

13 miles of hiking trails ranging from 1 mile to 6 miles give you the option to choose your adventure. If you want to see it all, I suggest trail 5 ( 6miles), which will take you through almost all terrain types available.

While you’re there, check out the Bison exhibit

Bloodroot Trail

Source: IDNR/Outdoor Indiana magazine

The Bloodroot Trail is a 13 mile hiking and biking trail located on Salamonie Lake near Andrews, Indiana. Though it can be completed as a long day hike, it’s also popular with backpackers. There’s a total of 6 campsites along the trail which are first come-first served.

Pokagon State Park, Angola, IN

Source: IDNR/Outdoor Indiana magazine

Hell’s Point Challenge

This challenge is an 8.2 mile loop that leads you all over the state park. You’ll traverse wooded area, wetland, bridges, and a lookout tower that’s sure to test the strength of your legs. Autumn is a really great time to hike this one. The view of the colorful trees from the top of the lookout tower is gorgeous. Don’t forget to stop in to the visitor center to get your freebies for completing the trail!

Here’ s a quick link to a printable map of Hell’s Point

Bonneyville Mill County Park, Bristol, IN

bonneyville hiking norhtern indiana

Located in Bristol, Indiana, Bonneyville Mill is a serene area great for family hiking. Shorter trails through wooded areas can lead you to water, a wooden tower for great views over the woods, and rolling hills.

There’s quite a bit of wildlife, my kids love looking for frogs, and they’re abundant. We once found a puddle formed by the creek overflowing full of tadpoles too. Deer, rabbit, racoon, and even a few harmless water snakes have been spotted by them on the trails at Bonneyville.

France Park, Logansport

A hidden beauty for sure! This park is gorgeous and fun to hike. It’s one of my favorite hiking destinations in Northern Indiana. It’s also a great autumn or winter visit. Fiery leaves over the quarry or frozen waterfall, anyone?

There’s two sections of this park where you can hike, the quarry area and the wooded/waterfall area. You can hike up the cliffs around the quarry for views across the bright blue waters, trek through the woods along the water, and explore wherever you want to go.

On the waterfall side of the park, you can check out the falls from the bottom, then start your trek by crossing the bridge at the top of the falls. You’ll hike through woods, along a stream with more tiny waterfalls, and through fields.

Indiana Dunes National Park and Indiana Dunes State Park

View From West Beach Trail

Cowles Bog Trail

A variety of different habitats along this trail make it fun to explore. Swamps, ponds, marshes, beaches, and more keep your scenery changing as you make progress on the trail.

3 Dune Challenge

If you’re looking for a challenging hike, this one is for you! 552 vertical feet consisting of sand and stairs, Indiana Dunes says this hike is the equivalent to climbing 55 flights of stairs. Check out their page for more fun facts and info on hiking the 3 Dunes Challenge.

Great Marsh Trail

The short but wonderfully serene loop trail is great for birdwatchers and those who love to observe the lives of wetland wildlife. The trail starts in a gravel parking lot and leads you into the woods where you’ll twist and curve a bit until you come to a T in the trail. If you go left here, you’ll be lead to the Marsh Overlook, where a spectacular view of the marsh and, if you’re lucky, some of the many birds that like to hang out there.

After getting your fill of the marsh, head back toward the T and continue straight to finish the trail. This section of trail gives you some great views across large areas where you can see a lot of different vegetation and cattails.

There is plenty of hiking in northern Indiana for outdoor enthusiasts to explore. The trails vary in length and difficulty, so hikers can find the perfect one for their skill level and interests. The scenery along the trails is beautiful and varied, with forests, hills, and rivers providing a picturesque backdrop. Hiking in northern Indiana is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air and nature.

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