How to Find a Hiking Partner Fast

So you need to find a hiking partner but you’re at a loss on where to start. Check out these ways to meet others near you!

hiking buddy on trail

Benefits of a Hiking Partner

Give You the Courage to Go Places You Otherwise Wouldn’t Have Gone

Provide Extra Safety

Gives You Someone to Enjoy the Views with

Where to Find Hiking Partners

On the Trail

Head out on the trail solo and you’re bound to meet others that share your love for hiking. A good spot to strike up a conversation is at a viewpoint during a snack or lunch break.

Join a Local Hiking Group

There are many hiking groups now and it’s a safe bet to say there’s one or more near you. A quick google search of “hiking group near me” will reveal them.

Groups vary in who they’re a good fit for. Some are great for any skill level and some say they’re for more experienced hikers. Their website or media page should let you know what to expect.

Attend Local Hiking Events

Check out your nearest University or College for Events

MeetUp App

This is a great app to find hiking and outdoor groups local to you.

Bulletin Boards at Outdoors Stores

Facebook Groups

I’m in a lot of groups centered around hiking and a lot of people post looking for a hiking buddy. All Women All Trails and Backpacking and Hiking Enthusiasts are great groups. Make a post saying what area you want to hike and the date(s) that you’d be available and ask if anyone would want to join.

Take an Outdoorsy Class or Course

You’ll gain some more knowledge and meet some likeminded outdoors lovers. Many organizations offer classes, including REI.

NOLS– Wilderness Education, including first aid and wilderness medicine

REI– Huge selection of courses on camping, backpacking, outdoors skills, stewardship, and more

NCOAE– Wilderness medicine and emergency medicine as well as expeditions and instructor trainings

Look for Guide Services Near You

Chances are there is some kind of a guide service near you, especially if you live near a recreation area. Search for hiking guide with your zip code to find one near you. Join one of the tours and see new places and meet new people in a group setting.

Start Your Own Facebook Group

If you’re not having any luck, start your own Facebook group! They’re really easy to start, and you can tailor it to be exactly what you want. Make it for your whole state or region, city, or even neighborhood.

After you create your group, share it with your friends and family who may be interested and ask them to help to spread the word. You should have a group full of potential hiking buddies in no time!

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