Why I Love the MyFAK First Aid Kit from My Medic

I have been a hiker for many years and I never go on a hike without a first aid kit. The problem is, it’s hard to know what you should put in your kit depending on the length of the hike, location, and season. You don’t want to pack too much or too little because then you either might not be prepared when an accident happens, or you’ll carry unnecessary weight. MyMedic created this amazing first aid kit that can be used anywhere at any time! It includes everything from band aids to tweezers to disinfectant wipes- all things we would need in an emergency situation. Read on to find out why The MyFAK from My Medic has become my favorite commercial first aid kit.

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Why do you need a first aid kit?

Anytime you are going into the wilderness, it is important to be prepared for any situation that may arise. Accidents can happen when we are least expecting them and being able to treat an injury as soon as possible can make all the difference. There are many different types of first aid kits on the market, but I believe that the MyMedic MyFAK is the only full-service first aid kit you’ll ever need.

What makes the MyMedic MyFAK so great?

The MyFAK is an amazing tool that helps hikers stay safe while they’re out on the trail. It’s incredibly portable, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. Plus, it’s packed with all kinds of useful features that will come in handy if you or someone else is injured on your next hike. So why not give it a try? You won’t be disappointed!

The MyFAK is well stocked with almost anything you’d need for a mishap or emergency on trail

Well Stocked

Contains a Mini First Aid Kit The small zip off compartment makes keeping first aid essentials easily reachable in your pack. You can keep the full kit in your backpack’s main compartment and the smaller one in a side pocket for easy access.

Velcro Easy to stick on the back of your car seat or anywhere else it will attach to.

Cons of the MyFAK

It’s a little bulky but for me, the zip off section makes up for it. I keep the small one stocked with the things I use most and the big bag in my pack and I hardly notice it’s there.

It’s not the cheapest kit you can buy. But for good reason. The MyMedic MyFAK is filled with high quality items and the case itself is durable and made to last and protect the contents. It’s also FSA/HSA eligible for most.


Are MyMedic kits worth it?

Absolutely. MyMedic kits provide a level of preparedness unparalleled in the industry and their products have been proven time after again by success with them during emergency situations.

Why are MyMedic first aid kits so expensive?

They contain high quality materials and are made of nylon Cordura. CORDURA┬« is a tough fabric that provides excellent protection against abrasion and tearing. It’s tightly woven for strength-to weight ratio, meaning it will literally take anything you throw at them without showing any signs of wear!

What does MyFAK stand for?

My First Aid Kit

Is MyMedic HSA eligible?

Many kits and other items are eligible! Check out MyMedic’s HSA/FSA page for more specific info

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