Solo Adventures Are Good for the Soul

As I prepare for a three-week solo road trip and backpacking adventure, I want to share some thoughts and invite you to join me. Years ago, on my first solo adventure, I headed west. Deep in the Rocky Mountains, away from everything and everyone, I was stripped of all of life’s distractions and faced the raw truths of my existence. I plan to find that same sense of connection and purpose in the wilderness as I did back then.


Solo trips have a way of peeling back the layers we’ve built around ourselves. Without the hecticness of everyday life, we’re left with the pure essence of who we are. On my first solo trip, I discovered parts of myself that I never knew existed. I faced fears, learned that I enjoy solitude, and found a massive sense of peace in the quiet.

My upcoming adventure is more than covering miles or checking off destinations (but I have a few awesome ones in mind!). It’s about reconnecting with that part of myself. With busy lives, losing sight of our true selves is so easy. We get caught up in routines, responsibilities, and the expectations of others. But out in the wilderness, there’s nothing to distract us from our inner voice.

I’m heading out with a simple plan. To be present, to listen to the silence, and to embrace whatever comes my way. I invite you to follow along with me. I’ll periodically be sharing my experiences, both high and low, and the lessons learned from whatever challenges come up. If you’ve been adventuring for years, or you just want to break out of your comfort zone, there’s probably something that will inspire you in the posts to come.

As I pack up my gear, I’m getting more excited. There’s a thrill and a bit of a chill in not having every detail planned out. So, here’s to this crazy, way past-due journey ahead. The winding roads, the rugged trails, and the quiet nights sleeping under the stars. And here’s to inviting you to join me, not just as a reader, but as a fellow traveler on this path of self-discovery. Let’s strip away all the noise and find the truth underneath it all.

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